Yeah, probably that was it. Though I still think it’s hard to deny that certain levels of attractiveness are real. And I think it’s relatively common for both men and women to be intimidated by the higher echelons of physical attractiveness. The more secure you are, in giving something in a relationship or simply feeling ok about yourself, the less susceptible you are to taking that feeling seriously.

I’m not certain I understand what “People aren’t for our consumption.” means. I get the vibe, I think I get what you’re trying to say, but the use of another person in mutually beneficial circumstance is kind of a lot of our societal participation.

In this case I was talking about strippers who often get mistaken for a certain kind of ‘consumer’ product, when I think more often they participate as kind of emotional athletes with certain gradations of skill quality that really have less to do with attractiveness than interest in their work. At least that’s the thesis of the piece.

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